About Us

We are group of dancers spread over different locations in the world. Our promoters have more than 12 years of experience in the field of news, advertising and event promotion.We are holding this event  to promote and highlight those unidentified dancers who has talent but no platform to showcase their  talent.This is an international event. For the first time in the history we are introducing this platform which will give the participants an international exposure.This event is based in India. For Indian participants this is an opportunity to take thier dancing talent to international level.The things that were happening on television dance shows and events, we are trying to bring that on digital media ,which is even bigger platform. After a complete research on participants participating in any dance talent hunt, we came to know about various difficulties faced by them. People practice their dance steps, works hard but fail to get any good platform. Some people get chances but face discrimination at different level. Keeping all the things in mind we have designed this event uniquely.This event provides equal opportunity for everyone either it be kids, school going children, college going student, professional dance groups, mothers, fathers, actors, actress, any NGO who has dancing talents, any dance school etc. irrespective of any gender, any age group, any dance form any country.There will be no audition, participants will not have to travel long distances for pre- decided venues, they will not have to bear the expenses for accommodation, participants will not have to fall in long que’s and wait for thier turn. They will not have to face any unfair decision and many more. Spectator as well as participant can enjoy event  at the comfort of their homes.

Stage is all set with more than 3 billion spectators in the world. Our strong promotion team will promote each and every video globally. Our jury members will select best dancing video, which will be displayed on our website in our gallery section. The winner will be awarded a title of best dancer in the world, with a handsome prize money.For the first time we are introducing direct involvement of all participants in the event for transparency. Participant will also promote thier own video on different media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. We will send a unique live video link to all participants.So be the part of this biggest ever online generation next event.