The Event

Anyone who can dance and entertain the world can participate in this event (GLOBAL DANCE PLATFORM)
We are inviting unedited dancing videos from the talented dancers in the world. We are providing an equal opportunity for all those who are passionate about dance but have no platform.


First go to the “REGISTRATION” button you will find drop down button, first click on “REGISTRATION FORM”, a form will open. Please fill the form properly, accept terms and conditions by clicking in the square box given. Then click on “UPLOAD YOUR VIDEO”, browse your video and upload the same. Make sure your are uploading the correct video. After uploading your video correctly you will receive a message of successful completion of the procedure. Its absolutely free.

Any one can participate in this event simply by following


1) Select music from our Music Library and use it as a background music, shoot your dancing video.

2) Register by filling the form accurately.

3) Upload your video on our website.

For the convenience of participant we are elaborating all the steps


1) Make your dancing video

Note- go to our music library select a track for the background music, don’t use background music from outside our music library. You can compose your own music, you can shoot your video professionally or simply you can use your mobile.

Do not edit your video. Video should be in one go or in one stretch, So that we can judge your dancing talent better .

2) Upload your video when the competition begins.

Note- your video should not be more than 3 minutes.

Get ready with your video before the registration for the event begins.

Biggest challenge in this event is that, you have to prepare your dance or practice on  tracks from our music library given on our website. This is an international event and we are expecting a huge traffic on our site so If video size is less than 20 MB you can directly upload on our website. If your  video size exceeds 20 MB you can use google drive to send your videos on this given E-mail id:-

Note- You can send more than one entries.

Tips on How to Make a Great Video


  • It is so simple
  • Just take out your mobile/camera
  • For taking static frame use tripod
  • Select a decent background with proper lighting for better result


  • Select a music track from our music library59
  • Play the selected tracks in back ground
  • And shoot it properly

It’s an international event and there are copyright restrictions. Either you can compose your own music, purchase it or use our music library.

One More Important Thing

Please do not upload your video on YouTube or any other video sharing site your entries will be disqualified.

How Much Transparent Is This Event ?

After receiving your registration form and videos, Our jury members will first check the content and then our strong promotional team will promote your entries on world’s most popular video sharing sites I.e YouTube and vivmeo etc. We will send the link of live video to the participant via e- mail. Your involvement is also crucial, you also have to promote your own video yourself . Our mission is to maximise the reach.


How You Can Participate In This event ?

First Round

Participants  can send/upload their  dancing videos through our website. No registration charges apply for this round. It’s absolutely free.

Second Round

Successful candidates of first round will be intimated via email. Those candidates have to register with us in this round. The registration chanrges will be Rs. 500 for Individual (Indian/Internationl) and Rs. 1000 for Group (Indian/Internationl) . We are charging a nominal fee against video handling, promotion and organising the grand finale.

Final Round

This will be the Last and final round  where one winner of each category will be announced.

Selection Criteria

1) Number of views on your video (viewers choice)

2) Our jury members and judges will finalise video based on performance (judges choice)

Note- Criteria for selection ll be same for all rounds.


About Judges and Jury Members

We are not taking any celebrities as judges but real dancers and choreographers spread on different locations. We will send videos to the experts of particular dance form for final judgement. Only selected entries will get the place in our gallery after selection by our jury members. Our judges will select a finalist on grand finale.

Grand Finale

Grand finale will be like film festivals. Best dance video will be showcased on giant screen  and on the basis of likes and performance the finalist will be selected. Finalist will be awarded a title of  “world’s best dancer” with a handsome prize money. Grand finale will be published on our YouTube channel after completion. You can view  grand finale live on YouTube.